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Top Reads #Week 9

Im going to be posting links to some of the articles/videos that I have been reading online. These articles are mainly from the world of Government, Technology, Photography, Films, Design, Environment, Marketing, etc. Basically things that caught my eye. Notably, the Featured Image of each week’s post, will be from my favourite article. So keep guessing or get going!

This week’s edition of Top Reads and onwards, I’m going to focus and post articles I’ve read, related to my journey in the Experience Design and Startups. From being a computer engineer to a designer to maybe a founder, let’s see what that takes!

All inspiring fellows who are starting with UX or have already been a part or it, can join in and discuss the way forward into this journey.

Sketch – Tips

A fine product by Bohemian Coding, Sketch is specifically for designers who make designs for the screens. It’s the most natural way for prototyping. By convention we would all go for designing UIs with Adobe’s Photoshop, but this lightweight, fast software has changed my way of thinking. We don’t require all the features that Photoshop provides us with for designing UIs. There is no point in having such a heavy software for designing such prototypes. It offers such easy to understand tools that even a first time user wont waste much time in figuring it out . Simple yet powerful, if you still haven’t found your way to using Sketch, get your copy just after reading this.

Here are a few tips: (Courtesy: InVision Blog)

  • Duplicate anything in seconds.


  • Get your grid on.


  • Change opacity on the go.


  • Size your artboards right.


  • Measure distances.


  • Totally abuse symbols.


  •  Save frustration with “Scale”.


  • Move shapes while you draw them.


  • Use shared styles now, thank yourself later.


  • Maximise your workspace.


  • Use Plug-ins effortlessly. 

Here is a link to all the plugins you could use, to enhance your experience with Sketch.