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Top Reads #Week 2

Im going to be posting links to some of the articles that I have been reading online. These articles were mostly stored in my Pocket app and Reading List since some time now. So as this section (Top Reads) gets older, you should be expecting newer articles.

These articles are mainly from the world of Government, Technology, Photography, Films, Design, Environment, Marketing, etc.

Notably, the Featured Image of each week’s post, will be from my favourite article.

Purpose: Be aware, and expand your consciousness reach.

Photoshop at 25

Adobe Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll, and then ultimately launched in February of 1990.

Its been a long and quite successful journey since then and this is the collaboration video that Adobe created for their 25th year anniversary, to celebrate the tool that has helped shape creativity, artists from all over the world contributed their most amazing dreams—and their working files with layers. This day Adobe is the leader in industry grade, with the entire world pinning one’s hope on this software. A miracle machine to create designs, prints, web and everything else.

Dream On!