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Top Reads #Week 8

Im going to be posting links to some of the articles/videos that I have been reading online. These articles are mainly from the world of Government, Technology, Photography, Films, Design, Environment, Marketing, etc. Basically things that caught my eye. Notably, the Featured Image of each week’s post, will be from my favourite article. So keep guessing or get going!

After this week’s edition of Top Reads, I’m going to focus and post articles I’ve read, related to my journey in the Experience Design and its whereabouts. From being a computer engineer to a designer, let’s see what that takes!

Alternative Mail Clients for OSX

I was just going through my Flipboard app on my phone, and it suggested me to read an article for alternative mail clients that I could use on my macbook instead of the Apple Mail. Not that I have some problem with the inbuilt mail client from Apple, but change is always good. I have been a user of Apple Mail till date, but this article gave me alternatives for better email management. Here are few applications I suggest you give a try:

  • Nylas N1-


This is a open source mail client, with heavy support from the developer’s community. One feature I would personally consider you to look at, is its amazing Plug-ins.

  • Unibox-


This is a $10 app, which innovates the UI by organizing your mail by person, not thread. It feels similar to how text messages are organised on your phone.

  • Airmail-


After giving previous two applications a try, I ended up changing my default to Airmail. Even though this is also a paid app ($10), you could get a cracked version of it from appdn.net (similarly with Unibox).

Lumu Power

Lumu Labs a Slovenia-based Kickstarter launched the Lumu, a headphone jack attachment that turns the iPhone into an accurate light meter for photographers.

Back in 2013, raised over $244,000 on Kickstarter. Now the company is back again with the Lumu Power, a next-generation attachment to your iPhone that doesn’t just meter light — it can measure and calculate flash and color temperature as well.

Quickly measure the color temperature in Kelvins. The White Balance mode in the new app can show you the measured temperature value and the value of Tint compensation you’ll need to achieve a perfect white in your resulting photos.


For flash photography, the Lumu Power can measure flash exposure and the flash versus ambient light ratio.

The retail price once the Lumu Power hits market is expected to be $299.


Plugin to your Spotlight

OS X Yosemite added a bunch of cool stuff to Spotlight, but it’s still a little lacking. Flashlight is an app still in early alpha that adds some handy new features.


With Flashlight, you can instantly pull up the weather, do full Google searches, Wolfram Alpha searches, and even enter Terminal commands directly from Spotlight. At a glance, it makes Spotlight yet a little bit more like Alfred, although still not quite as powerful. Flashlight’s early in the development process, but you can still try it out for yourself for free. The Google searches alone make it pretty worthwhile.

Download it here.

Courtesy: http://lifehacker.com/flashlight-adds-more-search-results-to-spotlight-1657873283