Alternative Mail Clients for OSX

I was just going through my Flipboard app on my phone, and it suggested me to read an article for alternative mail clients that I could use on my macbook instead of the Apple Mail. Not that I have some problem with the inbuilt mail client from Apple, but change is always good. I have been a user of Apple Mail till date, but this article gave me alternatives for better email management. Here are few applications I suggest you give a try:

  • Nylas N1-


This is a open source mail client, with heavy support from the developer’s community. One feature I would personally consider you to look at, is its amazing Plug-ins.

  • Unibox-


This is a $10 app, which innovates the UI by organizing your mail by person, not thread. It feels similar to how text messages are organised on your phone.

  • Airmail-


After giving previous two applications a try, I ended up changing my default to Airmail. Even though this is also a paid app ($10), you could get a cracked version of it from (similarly with Unibox).


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