What is the difference between UI design and UX design?

Answer by Aman Tiwari:

In order to illustrate the difference between UX and UI Design, I would love to use my favorite image on the Internet that would really make it simple for you to understand.
Let’s start with the shape of the bottle. The shape represents the overall usability factor.
The glass bottle is the one which would not really make the whole process of pouring the ketchup neat and desirable. You shake it vigorously, punch it’s base and *BLOB*, a goop of ketchup just splatters on your plate. Whereas on the other hand, look at the plastic bottle. It’s pretty simple and neat. All you have to do is squeeze the bottle and the ketchup comes out effortlessly without making a mess.
Now consider the appearance of the bottle. The shape represents the overall visual factor.
The plastic bottle looks a bit weird, like it is boxy, has a bit of jagged appearance and looks a bit unrefined. But the glass bottle compensates for it. The glass bottles satisfies the typical shape that a bottle must have according to our brain, and secondly it looks neater.
Using the same concept, UX is primarily concerned with the overall functionality of your product as of whole. The very term ‘Experience‘ in User Experience demands attention. You understand about your product, identify everything that is related to it and then create an overall structure of the product.
Whereas UI is concerned with the visual appeal of the product. UI focuses on making it more visually appealing, and more comfortable for a user at an emotional level.
Even though both UX and UI are a bit different from each other, they are tightly wound together. Both of them are incomplete without each other.
Hope this helped!
Godspeed to you my friend

What is the difference between UI design and UX design?

Alternative Mail Clients for OSX

I was just going through my Flipboard app on my phone, and it suggested me to read an article for alternative mail clients that I could use on my macbook instead of the Apple Mail. Not that I have some problem with the inbuilt mail client from Apple, but change is always good. I have been a user of Apple Mail till date, but this article gave me alternatives for better email management. Here are few applications I suggest you give a try:

  • Nylas N1-


This is a open source mail client, with heavy support from the developer’s community. One feature I would personally consider you to look at, is its amazing Plug-ins.

  • Unibox-


This is a $10 app, which innovates the UI by organizing your mail by person, not thread. It feels similar to how text messages are organised on your phone.

  • Airmail-


After giving previous two applications a try, I ended up changing my default to Airmail. Even though this is also a paid app ($10), you could get a cracked version of it from appdn.net (similarly with Unibox).