PICT’s Spectro

Well, here is the idea that me, Sanchit and Godwin presented to our College. This is what PICT’s Spectro is all about…

A time comes when you think you’re not doing enough with your life! Not realising your true potential? Have any ideas to share? Any talents to showcase? Want to do stuff you could never do before?

Spectro is a first of its kind community which not only allow you to meet people of your kind but will make you believe that the sky’s the limit! Spectro, in its attempt to develop its members culturally and socially will be organising the following activities to enable its members realise their true potential.

All the events and activities we are planning to organise under the banner of Spectro.

Frozen Lenses (Photography Club):

It’s PICT’s first and very own Photography Club in which we will collect photos from students and put them up for :

  • Compile in our Magazine (P.A.N.!.C) – PICT’s Art n Innovative Community
  • Wonderful Workshops: We plan to get professional photographers to come and speak about Photography.
  • Explore your city: We organise small photography trips, at least once in a month. In which we pack our cameras and capture small, beautiful and unseen parts of Pune. Enabling us to remove the dust of our lens.
  • Meet and Greet: GD’s are always great. After every shoot, we sit together and discuss each others photographs. Learning the Pros and Cons of each individual’s photo. Discuss new techniques of photography and plans of implementing them in our next group shoot.
  • Articles: Members write about their photo shoots, which were conducted. They can also write about latest technological improvements in the field of photography and various new techniques of photography. 
  • Photos taken by the club members will be sent to various competitions, newspapers, magazines.
  • Members can be assigned photographers at various In-College events.
  • We will also connect with other photography clubs.
  • Specified Task: Members can work upon specified photography types i.e landscape, wildlife, people, street, etc
  • Editing: Editing is a special part of post-shoots process. People interested can come together learn, understand and apply their talents.
  • Exhibition: Photography exhibitions attract a lot of crowd and are a platform to the photography to showcase his/her talent. We plan to be active with these exhibition throughout the year, and not just once!

Jam Room (Music Club):

This is a music group. We are looking for any and all kinds of instrument players. It may lead to forming a band or maybe an orchestra.

  • Spectro plans on giving its members a common place to come together and create music.
  • Appreciation refuels everyone! Thats where Spectro steps up to give these budding  musicians a stage to perform, be it our college’s very own ADDICTION or a band competition elsewhere.
  • Members can regularly jam and learn something new everyday.
  • Later the college could have its very own band and can participate in various inter college cultural festivals.
  • The studio, for people having music in their genes. Sound mixing is a million dollar industry on its own. Members having interest can come together to share ideas and make their own groove.
  • Spectro plans on bringing professionals to conduct workshops and seminars on sound mixing, sound processing and creating background scores.

Illuminaire (Literature Club):

Spectro will organise various competitions like debates, elocutions, recitals, essay writing, poetry, etc to allow its various members to showcase their writing skills, communication skills and develop their social skills.

  • The competitions will have topics on social problems, current affairs, technical fields etc to increase awareness and inculcate a sense of healthy competition amongst students.
  • Blogging: In an attempt to be par with the latest advancements, Spectro will have its own online blog, where selected articles and works by its members will be published and will be available for the world to read and appreciate.
  • We believe for a college where coders are in abundance, promoting blogging might just lead into a new tread.
  • It will be Spectro’s magazine where it will showcase the amazing work our members will do be it articles, poems, photography, art work and what not. It will elevate their self confidence seeing their work being appreciated, students will be more confident about their talent!

Aurora (Art Club) :

A club which will promote any kind of art related ideas not just prop-work used in plays but anything or everything!

  • We are looking for all possible kinds of art forms, let it be : painting, sand art, charcoal paintings, sketching, interior designing innovations, attractive product designs, useful out of the waste art, Infrastructural ideas, street art, Digital art, any new way of painting, etc.
  • We have planned, to decide on two or three major (group) projects and around 5 or 6 individuals projects per month, which will be put up every alternate month in an college exhibition.
  • Our talent wont just be limited to this college, but also others. Our participation in various college festivals will be active.
  • Creativity isn’t something that can be put a limit to. We have already planned on collaborating with various active bloggers, who are popular all over the world, to promote our art work online, on Tumblr.
  • All the art-work will also be published in P.A.N.!.C, including articles from the members of ‘Aurora”, our plans for the next event, and discussions on the work-culture in ‘Aurora’.

P.A.N.!.C (Magazine):

This magazine, will be compilation of all the activities that our group has. From, the Paintings and crafts that ‘Aurora’ makes, the photography shootouts we have in ‘Frozen Lens’, the masterpiece writings in ‘Illuminaire’ to the new grooves from ‘Jam Room’.

We plan to make this magazine, solely for art purpose. We also plan on showing the winnings of PICT Art Circle in various competitions in this magazine, which mostly go unnoticed to majority of the students here. This small, yet dynamic magazine, will present kinds of art forms!

  • Showcases the talent of our group.
  • Group members write about the experiences and future plans of Spectro.
  • We discuss the discovery/invention of new art forms.
  • P.A.N.!.C will also be a platform where leading professionals from all fields of art will give in their in put.
  • Designers will now have freedom to express their out-of-the-box ideas, whether it be some Home Deco design or an amazing new invention by themselves.
  • For the future we also plan on having an online portal for P.A.N.!.C, for our online subscribers.
  • And the activities taking place on our Tumblr Blog, will feature on P.A.N.!.C

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